Simple, how many times can you split a dollar? When a member pays us, we pay you 50% righr away because you brought them in. Then we give the person who brought you in half of what we gave you...then we give the person who brought them in half of what we gave them and so on. While the company is new (like now so don't wait) we only have members on a few levels so while membership is modest (10,000 or so) we still keep some of the money. Also keep in mind, some people just use our site as a product because the value and quality of the Nowlifestlye fitness system is second to none. So even if only 5% do not promote the opportunity and just use the product, they will never generate matching bonus cheques so the company can hold onto those funds and use it for growth....and buying (more) Ferarri's!

The only crime is what we had to pay our lawyers!....Ok, just kidding.

The problem is, there are a lot of smart people who know how to make money....but they do not have a product to sell. Too many times they allow their greed to get the better of them and just create a business system without going through the hassle of finding a product. Product is tough! If you find a nice product most opportunities need to set the price at about 5 times more than competing products that can be easily be found on store shelves and try to convince people on how superior the product is and then of course try to sell the dream so you forget you are paying $25 for something you can buy at Walgreens for $5. So to overcome that, they try to create a digital product. A newsletter for $50 a month or a video series for $50 a month....again, these systems get shut down because they cannot prove to anyone that the product is worth that amount in the marketplace and then conclude the only reason anyone is paying is because they want to get into the pyramid and make some money....not so fast! The product needs to be viable and have stand alone value, as in you can prove people would pay for it even if there was no opportunity involved. We currently have over 1000 members who do not promoter the business in anyway and just use the product. We offer live fitness classes, fitness webinars, we have guest speakers, we have the full custom workout system, diet trackers, progress trackers and so much more and we offer it for less than half the cost of a typical big box DVD program and for just a fraction of the cost of the same services purchased offline. Our product is of massive value and has stand alone appeal. It works and improves lives and that is absolute fact. An amazing product offered at an amazing value makes people rich and does it legally!

We assume you don't. Even the pro marketers learn our system because it is easy, innovative and effective. We teach you what to do because if we didn't, we would be wasting one of our most precious resources...you! If YOU make money, you work harder and tell more people and that makes us more money. We need you to be successful for us to survive so we teach you. Relax and be ready to listen, learn and then execute.

Product Oriented FAQ's

What about it? Our program simulates interval training. Your heart rate will spike during your routine as you perform an exercise to reach the point of muscle failure...then will subside as you rest before your next exercise...then it will spike again and this cycle repeats itself. In other words, our routine improves cardio capacity as a natural side effect. If you would like to be able to run a 5 mile race....then increased cardio capacity is needed and like all athletes, some sport specific exercises are required. Marathon runners must perform a very unique training regime in order to complete a 26 mile run! Unless you are training for a specific event or want the ability to perform in situations that require enhanced cardio capabilities beyond that of a typical healthy and fit person...additional cardio exercises are not needed.

We know our program sounds to good to be true. If there was a way to burn fat in one specific area....our program would actually then become too good to be true....because it is impossible! People want a 6 pack so they do ab exercises. The results will be nice abs hiding under fat. Some will do specific exercises to target the buttocks to get rid of the appearance of cellulite. Again, the muscles will be conditioned, but the fat covering the targeted muscle group will not disappear faster because you are working muscles directly under the fat. Your body stores fat in pre-determined ways. Women tend to store it around their hips and thighs while men tend to store it around their mid section. When it comes to fat, it comes off in the reverse order it was added. The first place you stored fat will be the last place you lose it. Exercise will burn fat but working your calf muscles will reduce belly fat at the same rate as working your stomach muscles.

They like it! When we observe people who train for an hour in the gym, we notice that they actually adopt techniques that conserve energy to be used later in the workout. They adopt practices that have been passed down from the "no pain no gain" era in fitness....we here at Nowlifestlye call this era the dark ages in fitness and extend their workouts to last far longer than needed.

Yes. Our beginner programs take into account that there are people who need exercises other than pushups because they cannot perform even 1 proper pushup. We take into account that some of our users cannot even get onto the floor without help. We understand what a beginner is and where you are coming from.

No. The program that Joel used to win National Body Building crowns is found within our site. We have programs for beginners right up to professional athletes and everything in between!

Yes. You can do more, just don't do any extra resistance training. You may decide to take your new found perspective in fitness and use your results to enjoy a bike ride. Perhaps a Martial Art class or even a Yoga session. Once you are feeling good and feeling healthy, our members report that they are drawn to activities that require a certain level of fitness to enjoy. The Nowlifestlye system is a gateway to the healthy and enjoyable activities that are simply beyond reasonable expectations for people who are not physically fit. You don't have to add them to get benefit, you just might find you want to and that's fine.

The Nowlifestlye system promises that you will not need to train for more than 7 minutes...in fact in many cases it is less. We are talking about exertion though. If you feel you need a 5minute rest, then that is fine however it will mean that your total time period dedicated to exercise increases. We have found that people complete the beginner routines in less than 10 total minutes and exert themselves for less than 7 minutes. Followers of the advanced program typically exert themselves for a little less than 7 minutes however due to rest between exercises, the routine typically take a total of 15 minutes to complete.

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I am still on my journey, but I have lost 48 lbs, Nowlifestlye really works...!

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Just seven minutes every other day of exercises will change everything about how you feel!

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Anybody at any fitness level for any age can benefit from this program.
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